Comprehensive Action Taken Report on the Activities Done under Cleanliness Campaign


1.        Treatment of bio-degradable/ non-degradable wastes:

        i.   At Almora and Hawalbagh campus of the institute 3 new compost pits have been constructed for making compost from bio-degradable waste at residential colonies and experimental farm. Ten more are under construction.

      ii.   Twenty new garbage collection bins have been installed at Almora and Hawalbagh campuses of the institute.

    iii.   Arrangements have been made in collaboration with municipality for safe disposal of non-degradable wastes.


2.        Steps taken for awareness in Yoga/ health/ positive thinking/ water conservation etc.:

        International Yoga day was celebrated at Almora and Hawalbagh campus and KVKs of the institute on June 21, 2016. Yoga sessions and goshthis were organised to create interest and awareness among the employees. Yoga manuals and videos given by NAARM to trainees were also widely circulated among staff.


3.        Identification of activities/ factors causing creation of dirt, garbage:


The following facts were identified :


        i.      Lack of knowledge, methodology and infrastructure for proper disposal of several garbage.

      ii.      Some people like cleanliness and they want to maintain cleanliness surrounding their place of activities. However, they dump their garbage next door.

    iii.      Majority of the garbage pits/collection structures are uncovered. Stray dogs and monkeys in search of food litter the nearly areas.


4.        After identification of the factors, the system adopted to maintain periodic cleaning, preventive measures taken and monitoring of the activities


     i.         One Swachhata Gosthi was organized on 25-10-2016 to create awareness and provide knowledge and methodology for proper disposal for different waste. The institute has installed several high quality dustbins at critical locations.

   ii.         Second Saturday is completely utilized for cleanliness of the Institute and its surrounding public roads/places.

 iii.         Cleanliness is monitored by organizing “cleanliness competition” at regular intervals.

  iv.         To ward away stray dogs and monkeys, garbage collection pits within the campus are kept covered. Also, regular disinfection treatment of these pits is done, which deters animals from visiting those pits.


5.        Uploading of activities/ photograph of Swachhta Pakhwara and news events emerged in print/ electronic media and website stakeholders.


The reports of various cleanliness programs were uploaded at the Institute website regularly. Also the reports were sent for publication in print media.


6.        Involvement of VIPs in institute swachhta awareness programs


Involvement of VIPs was ensured in most of the cleanliness programs and Goshthis. Local MLA Sri Manoj Tiwari participated in the Institutes cleanliness program on Swachta Diwas, October 2, 2016.  Previous Director Dr. J.C. Bhatt and Mrs. Diva Bhat were invited to participate in the Swachhta Goshthi held on 31-05-16. Dr. B.P. Bhatt, Director ICAR Research Complex, Patna and Dr. Arnab Sen, PS, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Barapani were present in Swachhta Goshthi held on 25-10-16. District officials of ‘Jal Prabandhan’ and municipality participated in the water spring cleaning programme on 24th December. District Magistrate, Almora; Chairman, Almora Municipality; Director, GBPINIHES, Kosi-Katarmal; Chief Development Officer, Almora; Chief Labour Officer, Almora; Chief Officer, Disaster Management, Almora; Skill Development Officer, Almora; participated in a discussion programme on how to converts waste to energy on October, 25.

7.    Steps in transparency of works, motivation and participation of institute officials/ staff


For transparency, motivation and participation, divisional meeting, monthly meeting with scientists and staff are held every month. General Body meeting with 6 monthly review held regularly. SAO, AO and FAO conducts meetings with administrative staff from time to time.


8.    Special work achievement during the Swachhta Pakhwara (16-31 October 2016)


The campuses of the institute, residential complexes, laboratories and offices have become neat and clean. Water storage facilities, drainage systems and surrounding areas have become clean. The reputation of the institute for its clean campuses have increased as is evident by the remarks made by the VIPs who visited the institute. 


9.   Usage of eco-friendly technologies, lesser use of plastics etc.


The institute has replaced all the bulbs with LED and CFL. All packaging work in the institute is being done using paper and jute bags. Composting of waste degradable materials is being done for its use in the farm. Elaborate measures have been taken for water conservation and prevention of waste.


10.  Housekeeping, cleanliness in office buildings, rooms, labs, campuses, residential area etc.


This is a daily feature in the institute. White-washing is done from time to time. The institute has deployed sufficient staff to maintain office rooms, buildings, labs, campuses and residential area.


11.  Punctuality and regularity of staff


The staff of the institute are punctual. However, regular vigil is kept so that regularity and punctuality is maintained.