Awareness programme on cleanliness on 1st January, 2016

   New Year was celebrated by forming a human chain in front of the statue of Swami Vivekananda at Hawalbagh Experimental Farm on 1st January, 2016 to take pledge for clean environment in premises and working. All the scientific, technical and supporting staffs participated to form this human chain. An awareness speech was delivered by Dr. B M Pandey, Farm Coordinator. Dr. M L Roy, member of the Institute Swachchhata Committee briefed the action plan of the awareness campaign. Two teams were formed –one was headed by Farm Coordinator himself and another was headed by Dr. N K Hedau, Senior Scientist. The first group marched to Organic Block, Kosi and the second group followed them. First group gathered the garbage from both sides of the road and the second group disposed the garbage. During this process, the passer-by were also encouraged to clean the road. The programme ended with a motivational speech by Dr. J K Bisht, Head of the Crop Production Division.


Cleanliness drive at experimental area.

Encouraged ladies from the nearby area also lent their helping hand


Activities Organised During Swachhta Pakhwada 16-31 May 2016


   Swachhta Pakhawada was organized from 16 to 31 May 2016. It started with the Swachhta Pledge by all the staff on 16.05.2016. Activities like competitions on cleanliness among different laboratories and departments/sections were carried out. Seventy two students of class XII from GIC, Hawalbagh were invited for an exposure visit to the Experimental Farm, Hawalbagh (ICAR-VPKAS). Students were taken to the Museum, laboratories, protected cultivation, waste composting units etc. A lecture, “Cleanliness is the stepping stone to prosperity” was organised where the importance and significance of cleanliness to the society and country was also deliberated.

  As a part of the ongoing 'National Sanitation Fortnight', a mass cleanliness drive including removal of Parthenium was conducted at ICAR-VPKAS Almora campus and Line Estate premises at Hawalbag in which all staff participated actively.The programme proved to be very motivating and inspiring for the staff, residential colony dwellers as well as local people.

   A seminar on “Swachhta Abhiyan” was organised on 1st June 2016 for all the employees of the institute. On the occasion, former Director of the institute, Dr J.C Bhatt graced the occasion as chief guest and Professor Diwa Bhatt was present as guest of honour. On his welcome address, Dr A. Pattanayak, Director of the Institute informed that there is already a provision in the institute for disposal of bio degradable and non-biodegradable waste. He also urged that all scientists should follow good laboratory practices in the institute. Chief Guest of the occasion, Dr J.C Bhatt praised the efforts of the institute staff in keeping the institute neat and clean.

The Swatchata Abhiyan Group of ICAR-VPKAS

    He also informed the staff about the ill effects of microbes present in uncleaned labs, fields and books. Guest of honour, Dr Diwa Bhatt told that she is inspired by Gandhism and cleanliness has always been her priority. She urged that all should follow the principles of Gandhism on cleanliness and should contribute in keeping their surroundings neat and clean. On the occasion, different laboratories and departments/sections were awarded for maintaining cleanliness.

Staff busy in cleaning the office campus at Almora

Cleaning of Parthenium at the Hawalbagh campus

Cleaning of the public road running through the farm


Cleanliness Competition among the Research and Analytical Laboratories


On the occasion of Swachhta fortnight, different laboratories of the institute at Almora and Hawalbagh premises were evaluated on October 17, 2016. Total 11 laboratories were evaluated on the basis of various measures of GLP and cleanliness. The members of the committee unanimously adjudged the following two laboratories as winners:

  1. Biotechnology Laboratory at Almora- 1st
  2. Entomology laboratory at Hawalbagh- 2nd

 All other laboratories were found at par for cleanliness and organization, therefore no one was recommended for the third place.


Team members evaluating cleanliness in laboratories


Cleaning of Water Storage Facilities at Almora Campus


   On October 27, 2016 all the water storage facilities and chocked water pipes were cleaned at the Almora campus. All tanks were flushed, iron deposits were removed, and covers were fitted with monkey proof hood. All water inlets pipes were flushed with pressure. Water tank installation areas were cleaned of weeds and unwanted growth. Trees around the water storage areas were pruned.  

Scientists and staff cleaning water tanks and pipelines at Almora residential campus


Cleaning of Water Storage Facilities at Hawalbagh Campus 

  On 27th October all the water storage facilities and chocked water pipes were cleaned at the Hawalbagh campus also. Dr. Sher Singh coordinated the work. Silts were removed from tanks and chlorine treatment was done to remove coliforms. Silts from different tanks were sent to microbiology laboratory for isolation of useful microbes, if any.


Scientists and staff cleaning water tanks at Hawalbagh Campus


Cleaning work at KVKs

 The KVKs of the Institute, one at Bageshwar and the other at Uttarkashi district carried out the cleanliness programmes with great enthusiasm. Apart from cleaning of campus and office buildings, they organized social awareness and community cleaning programmes. 

Scientists and all other staff members engaged in cleaning at KVK, Uttarkashi

Cleaning Work at Almora Campus on 21st October 2016

 Scientists and staff of the institute did cleaning work in the Almora campus of the institute cleaned the Almora campus of the Institute on 21st October. The entire campus including office and residential area was cleaned free of weeds and moses. All the compost pits were filled. A part of the retaining wall was white washed.  

Cleaning of retaining wall at Almora campus

Cleaning of colony road at Almora campus


Swachhta Competition among Sections of the Administrative Wing


 On October 24, 2016 a Swachhta Competition was organised among the various administrative sections of the institute. The team of judges was led by Dr. Pankaj Mishra (PS). The first prize went to Library Section, the second prize was given to Admin III Store and third prize went to Administration I.

The Committee (AO, AAO, a SSS and Chairman) inspecting stores section

Team members evaluating cleanliness in the finance & account sections

Swachhata Goshthi on 25th October 2016 at ICAR-VPKAS, Almora

 A goshthi of all the staff members of the Institute was organized as a part of the Swachhata Pakhwada Programme at the Experimental Farm, Hawalbagh on October 25, 2016. Seventy eight employees of the Institute participated in this goshthi. Dr. B. P. Bhatt, Director, ICAR Research complex for eastern region, Patna and Dr Arnab Sen, Head, Animal Health Divison, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region were the chief guest and special guest for the function.

  Dr. Dibakar Mahanta, Scientist (Agronomy) briefed about the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” run by the Central Government. He deliberated on the inception, goal, mission and vision of the programme. Dr. K. K. Mishra delivered lecture on cleanliness in agriculture in which he mentioned various techniques of keeping cleanliness in farm as well as laboratories. He also emphasized on the practice of safety measures while carrying out agricultural operations so that the health of plants as well as the workers could be safeguarded. Dr. Nirmal Chandra delivered a lecture on “Cleanliness for overall perspective” in which he briefed about various types of pollutions, their harmful effects on humans and other organisms and control measures for various pollutions. He also informed about different activities carried out in the Institute as a part of the Swachhata Pakhwada programme. An open discussion on measures to ensure cleanliness in the Institute was organized in which the participants from scientific, technical, administrative and contractual groups voluntarily presented their views on keeping laboratories, field and workplace clean and organized.

  The distinguished guest of the occasion, Dr. Arnab Sen in his address gave suggestions for cleanliness at home and surroundings. He gave examples of North East region where the society is very alert for keeping surroundings clean. He stressed upon bringing changes in attitude for internalizing the habit of keeping surroundings clean, which will manifest in workplace as well. Dr Arunava Pattanayak, Director, ICAR-VPKAS, Almora congratulated the staff of VPKAS for making the cleanliness drive successful. He deliberated upon various techniques of ensuring cleanliness in the Institute and urged the participants/staff to follow some good habits of keeping surroundings clean. The chief guest of the function, Dr. B. P. Bhatt, Director, ICAR Research complex for eastern region, Patna in his address, described the need of cleanliness for personal as well as Institutional growth. He stressed upon safe disposal of chemical waste from laboratories to ensure cleanliness and good health. He appreciated the efforts of the Institute and congratulated the staff for keeping the office premises and farm neat and well organized. He also pondered upon the work ethics and motivated all the staff members for ensuring cleanliness of mind, body, workplace for self and professional excellence.

Dr. J K. Bisht, Head, Crop Production Division proposed formal vote of thanks. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Dibakar Mahanta and Dr. Kushagra Joshi under the guidance of Dr. Nirmal Chandra, Nodal officer, Institute swachhata pakhwada programme.


Cleaning of Laboratory Building at Hawalbag Campus

After cleaning of the farm, residential colony and surroundings scientists and staff cleaned the main laboratory building at Hawalbagh campus on 29th October.

Scientists and staff cleaning office building at Hawalbagh Campus


Cleaning of Office Premises at Almora Campus on October 31, 2016

Scientists and staff cleaned the Almora campus of the institute. A part of the retaining wall was white washed. All flower beds were rejuvenated. Special attention was given towards checking and servicing of sanitary and fire fighting facilities.

Cleaning of the lawn and retaining wall at main office building

Scientists and staff cleaning office premises at Almora Campus